The Best Aerial Platform Solutions


Throughout Kent, London and the South East area, we can provide clients with the best platform solutions, saving time and hassle with scaffolding services.

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Why you should choose NIT Platforms for your needs?

We are known for providing clients around the area with the best platforms in the industry. We ensure all equipment we have functions to the highest standard, with our team running regular checks to ensure our clients receive the best solution possible.

Not only that, but we always go above to ensure we deliver our clients efficient and reliable solutions, provided our platforms at a scheduled time that suits our clients.

We offer domestic and commercial clients with Reliable and efficient Platform solutions around the area.

We make sure our prices are competitive in the industry, always offering solutions that will directly benefit our clients. We offer time-effective and affordable solutions that meet your requirements.

Here is a list of all our different prices. If you are interested in the services we provide, simply contact our team today to hire your own platform.

Half Day ( 4 hours )

£ 299

Full Day ( 8 hours )

£ 399 Best Offer

Extended Day ( 10 hours )

£ 499

Hourly Rate


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We have a range of solutions to provide domestic and commercial clients around the area, simply get in touch today and receive a free quotation for your required service.